Sunday, 6 September 2015


WALT write our own mysteries

Once in a far far land there was a problem. the problem was people were hunting the famous turducken. The O.O.D/organisation of detectives rang a man named bob he was a detective who used to work for Dan O.O.D's owner. Bob went over to O.O.D's HQ and Dan told him about the mysterious mystery. Bob wonders who it could be, maybe Sam because Bob saw Sam hunting in the turducken habitat, but Harrison might have done it because he saw him with a gun that looked like it was sighted on a turducken. Bob rang them and told both of them to meet him at his house at two separate times. Sam at 3:00 and Harrison at 4:30 Bob told them about the mystery and he said he thought it was them but Sam looked fine and he was talking normally when Harrison was talking he was talking weirdly and looked guilty but his dad came in for some reason Bob told him about it and he said he was with Harrison and said "Harrison did not do it." When Bob got back to O.O.D HQ he was really red Frank was suspicious. Frank walked up to Bob and said did you do it. Bob had a really guilty face suddenly Frank said to Dan "Bob did it" Dan trusted Frank so they went to Bobs house and it smelt like a turducken they looked in the fridge and there one was. Bob went to jail for 3 years after that.

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