Monday, 21 September 2015

Production reflection

Feelings:I felt worried when I was planning my wearable art because I thought I wasn't going to have enough time. When I brought out the garment I felt really worried because it broke on the way down. 
Facts:I used to think I was terrible at dancing but now I think I'm pretty good. I want to know more about North Africa and legends
Skills: my skills were using the hot glue gun because I didn't burn myself. And I thought I was good at painting cause it looked really cool
?'s:why was our dance so cool and why was my garment falling apart
Goals:I need to plan better next time I need to use something more strong next time 
Highlights:the spraypaint looked really cool. It was really fun making the garment 
Challenges: drawing the shape of the lamp and cutting it out
Links: I where costumes some times and I like making stuff out of recyclable stuff.

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