Wednesday, 29 July 2015


                                                             Day 1

There I was in the car waiting to get to Napier. Me and my sister were getting bored of talking to each other about staying at Kennedy park. So we made up this game where you can't talk, laugh and you can't make people laugh. We played that and then I got tired and after awhile I said "this is getting boring"  fell asleep suddenly I woke up and I saw a sign that said Napier 10 km so I waited to get there, my sister said "should we play the silent game? " " Is that what it's called,  okay then let's play " and we played and then she laughed so I won. Finally we were in Napier.

We got their we got a free pass to the aquarium, laser force, mini golf and 1, 1 hour with the pedal cars. But first we went to our room our number was 66 and it was great because we were right next to 2 parks 1 had a basketball hoop and 1 had a jumping pillow.As soon as we were ready Leila (sister) and I went on the jumping pillow. It was like a really big tramp but it was harder then one. When we were playing in the pillow it started getting really hot so we went inside and we layed in our bunks. Then we went swimming in the pool and my mum took videos of Leila, it started getting dark so we went inside when we got inside their dinner was on the table we had risotto it was creamy and delicious.

                                                      Day 2

So we woke up I was up first then Leila when we woke up it was freezing we turned the heater on, when it started to warm up I turned the t.v. On and we watched something really weird until mum and dad got up. So we had breakfast we were raving about going on the pedal cars but then we got in a real car and drove around and mum was going crazy at dad about navigation. Then we got to the aquarium it was 10 tons of boring except for the start with the megalodon (big tooth) when we got back we got to go on the pedal cars me and my dad raced I won that was basically it then we went back inside right when I went in I herd a crash I looked out the window and my friend was riding it my other friends were riding to we played cops and robbers and we went home.


WALT use standard place value to solve multiplication problems

Thursday, 23 July 2015


                                                         Title: fire

Task: we had a reading task card and you had to tell someone about why they should read this book