Wednesday, 25 February 2015


WALT retell a Myth / Legend about Maui

Long ago the sun went to fast so nobody was able to work. So Maui said " we need to try and slow the sun" but one brother said " the sun is to hot it will burn us". But Maui just started. They made flax ropes and chanted them so they wouldn't burn. Then they went up the mountain to see the sun when they got at the top they made a clay wall and hid behind it. When the sun started raising the Maui said " yes" and they through the ropes and held on to the sun. Then Maui got the magic jaw bone and hit the sun with all his might. Then he said to the sun " move slower " that's how Maui made the sun go slow.  

Success Criteria: we will know we have achieved this when
we have
capital letters to start sentences?
full stops to end sentences?
At least 2 characters?
A setting? Where
An opening sentence
what the characters, see, hear,
smell, touch or feel?
an exciting part or a problem
an ending where the problem is
different words to start sentences?
speech marks for words spoken

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  1. Ka rawe Cooper, I like how you have a problem and you have used speech marks. Maybe next time you could proof read your writing to make sure it makes sense.