Wednesday, 11 February 2015


WALT describe a character
Purpose (Why are we writing) - To present clear ideas in a simple structure to suit my audience.

Success criteria

  • Draft
  • Title
  • Does it have a clear beginning, middle and end?
  • Does it use adjectives to make the descriptions better?(these could describe size, colour, texture etc.)
  • Juicy words - deep blue eyes like the sparkling sky
  • language features - similes
  • punctuation - Does it have capital letters at the start of each sentence and full stops at the ends?
  • Is it exciting so you can draw the reader in
  • make sure it makes sense - Proof read

This is a post that I made that discribes stuff about me.


My name is Cooper I have black hair like a black bird and I have brown eyes and I'm friendly. I'm athletic I've got really big feet like Bigfoot. I am really tall and I really like playing basketball I'm good at it because I am tall I hope I'll be in the NBA and my favourite team is OKC. I love dogs my favourite breed is a German Shepard. My favourite fruit is passion fruit and My favourite game console is ps4 and Xbox one. My second favourite animal is a rat I want 1 but my mum hates them. I hate jerseys and pants. I love scaring my sister.

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  1. Kia Ora Cooper, I really like the way you have used similes in your description. Maybe next time you could double check the surface features in your writing like, spelling. Thanks Rosie