Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hiwi the kiwi writing

WALT: persuade 

Task: to write a persuasive piece of writing about fishing for the future 

My dad and I were down to the beach with our fishing rods. It was 4:30 I the morning because that's when the fish are snapping. We got into the boat and stuck the fish ruler on the side. I put my life jacket on. " dad put that life jacket on" I said. "Fine" Dad said. Then we're off. We stopped and casted our fishing lines out. Sraight away I caught a fish and it was huge I threw it back. "Why did you do that ?" dad said. Then a huge wave got us and the boat flipped. I was bobbing up and down and then I saw the can with the flares in it. I dived under the water and got it and  got the beacon out and I shot the fire rocket and the plane came over and then the orange smoke and the goes back. Then a speed boat comes with the engine going vrooooooom then he picked me up then dad was screaming heeeelp and we picked him up and we got back to shoore. " what a day" I said.

Evaluation: I think I could work on having more action

Feed back:  

Cooper I think you did a good job but you could describe it a little more. So out of 10 I give you a 8/10.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Set smart goals

WALT: Set SMART goals

S.M.A.R.T. means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive.
Specific: Don’t be vague. What exactly do you want?
Measurable: Quantify your goal. How will you know if you’ve achieved it or not?
Attainable: Be honest with yourself about what you can reasonably accomplish at this point in your life, taking into consideration your current responsibilities.
Realistic: It’s got to be doable, real and practical.
Time: Associate a time frame with each goal. When should you complete the goal?

Criteria: I can write 4 learning goals that are
***Self Assessment I think I could work on writing
Peer Comment
Time Sensitive.
Overall, how well do you think your learning partner has done?


My writing goal is to... my goal by my latest goals have been to use subject specific vocabulary to support meaning and include detail that supports my main points
The reason I have decided to focus on this goal is because...I need to add more detail and vocabulary
I will accomplish This by adding more detail

My reading goal is goal by my next goal is to make text-text connections between genres with similar themes
The reason I have decided to focus on this goal is because...I need to work on being able to get the text after a couple of times
I will accomplish I will read every night

My maths goal is to... my goal by I can gain quicker recall of the times tables I don't know instantly 
The reason I have decided to focus on this goal is because... I need to learn facts that 
I will accomplish  I will right down sums that I don't know instantly