Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Writing sample

WALT: inform

Description: write a explanation about something you have 
learnt about energy I did potential and kinetic.


new draft

How does a newtons craddle work? Well if you pull one 
Of the balls up on the end up and you don't 
Let go its called potential or stored energy.
If you let go of the ball it transfers kinetic 
Energy through the other balls and goes
To the ball on the opposite side.

If you pull two of the ambles up another 
Two marbles on the other side will go up.
But if you do tree marbles at a time there are two marbles at the bottom
Then the and marble goes on the other end.

Self evaluation: I think I did well at doing my draft and editing my writing after I did the writing.

Feedback/feedforward: Very well written Cooper. Next time improve on spelling mistakes & punctuation. #TaneRSS

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