Thursday, 26 June 2014

My end of term reflection

WALT: evaluate our learning honestly

What is an effective learner? Someone who gets on with there learning and don't sit next to blockers.

What were the highlights for this term? Why? Grasshopper tennis because I learnt more skills and I'm getting better at tennis.

What were your greatest challenges this term? Why? Cross country because I made it the hole way but at the end I got really tiered.

How are you going towards acting with integrity? Why?  How could you improve? Good because I sometimes pik up pens when nobody tells me to. but I need to get better at it because I am a directed learner.

What are your goals in our learner disposition wall?  Where to next? Trying to get better at not being more the teachers telling me what to do and me doing it myself to go to guided.

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