Sunday, 15 June 2014


WALT: communicate a message with others.
WALT: show integrity.

DESCRIPTION: We have been learning about integrity.  We want to share our understanding with others.

What? Make a Puppet Pal to show our understanding of integrity I think I did well at showing integrity because I WAS telling people and helping people out
Why? To show what we know about integrity, to share during our Student Led Conference we did the integritey post on puppet pals 
When? Term 2, Week 1 - 7
Who? The World

EVALUATION: I contributed with the other people on my group.

WALT: communicate a message with others.
Create a story board showing the beginning, middle and end of our message I think my group did well doing the beginning middle and the end because first the owl asks the kangaroo look after my phone then the kangaroo drops the phone then the ninja finds the phone and gives it to the teacher  
Use Puppet Pals as a tool to share our message I think my group did good because we did a good puppet pal and I think we did well
Keep our audience engaged I think I we didn't do as well as we could do because our mane message wasn't integrity. 

WALT: show integrity.
Everyone in our group has contributed evenly good because we all did our own models
Integrity is the main theme of our message in the middle because we  kinda did kotahitanga.

Your post must have a:
Title (capital letters for beginning of each word)
WALT at the top 
Image - something visual for the reader (your story board and your Puppet Pal)
Description of what we did.
Evaluation - how well do I think I did (target/criteria)
Feedback/feedforward from buddy/teacher/parent You could of worked on making the focus integrity.

I integrity by showing the teacher my spelling instead of not showing the teacher. I show integrity by putting labels when the teacher didn't know. I show integrity by going under furniture and getting pens
Under furniture. 


  1. Cooper - I have spoken to you a lot about this...and you still need to reflect against the success criteria and get a buddy to give you feedback.

  2. Keeping the main message as integrity is very difficult isn't it?! It is much easier to just talk about what integrity is.
    What are some examples of how you show integrity in your learning?