Monday, 31 March 2014

Thursday, 27 March 2014

2 stars and a wish

This is my to stars and a wish.

Abseiling draft 1

                                    Abseiling Draft 1

The time had come I didn't want to go up there I looked up I it was a high tower. The manager told me the tower was 12 meters high, when I got up I was so high up. I looked down I was really scared. I went under the when the ants told me to.then there I go.

I was walking on the mat then the wood when I was walking off the mat I started jumping I was controlling my speed so I can go fast and slow when I jump. Then I got to the bottom before I new it I was at the bottom. 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My learning disposition

I think that I am a self managing learner because...

Time:get on with your work most of the time,

Choices:don't sit next to a blocker,follow your time table,

To be able to move to being a self directed learner I must 

Time:I get on with my learning all of the time,

Choices:I sit in a quiet space so nothing destracdid of the noise all of the time.
Don't sit next to your friends all of the time,

This is what I am going to do to move to being a self directed learner:

Clay day

WALT: share an experience with an audience
Success Criteria:
Share an experience so that someone else feels as thought they are experiencing it with you.
Share what you learnt
Share what you would do differently next time

We had a clay day at school yesterday and my favirate is this robot head. I learnt that the clay is squishy at first then it goes hard after a while. I think I should not fiddle with it to much because it gets crates in the clay.
Reflection: I think I did well at ding what I learnt and what I should do next time.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Stats sharp shooter


WALT calculate the mean, median, mode and range for a set of data. TASK Elly and Troy want to find out once and for all:

  • ●  which Activity Group has the overall best score, (mean)

  • ●  which Activity Group has the highest middle number, (median)

  • ●  what score was the most common, (mode)

  • ●  which activity group has the highest range. (range)

    In everyday life people collect data to look for trends and make decisions. In order to analyse the information, we need to understand the different ways to lOOK at the data.

    Success Criteria you will know you are successful when:

  • ●  calculatethemeanbyaddingupallthedata(9+4+4+5+8=30)then divide the total by how many numbers there were (9, 4, 4, 5, 8 = 5 numbers so 30÷5=6).

  • ●  calculate the median by ordering all numbers from smallest to biggest then selecting the middle number (4, 4, 5, 8, 9 = 5 is the middle number). If there are 6 numbers e.g. 4, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, then the median is halfway = 5.5.

  • ●  calculate the mode by identifying which number occurs most often (4, 4, 5, 8, 9 = 4 because there are two of them). You can have more than one mode.

  • ●  calculate the range by finding the difference between the highest and lowest numbers(9-4=5).

    Data: 40,36,40 total 116 

    Devon 44 25 34=104

    Liam 0 0 9= 9 olivia 44 44 46=134

    Range: highest is 40 lowest is 36

    Mode: 40,40

    Median 36,40,40

    Mean: 40

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Thursday, 13 March 2014

2 stars and a wish

I Iike doing the activity presintation with my activity group because we have multiple ideas and we can piggy back on each other's ideas.

I like learning about camp and what where gonna do at camp.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Raising the money

This is a raise the money challenge.

Camp goals

WALT: set SMART goals
Success Criteria:
Set 2 goals that are sensible, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely goals
Reflect on goals after camp

My goal is to overcome my fear of heights. I have chosen this goal because I feel a bit sick. When I am up high I will know I have achieved this goal when I feel different when I do things that are high.

My other goal is having new friends. I have chosen this goal I always play with the same people. I will now I have achieved this goal because I am talking to other people and playing with differint people. 

Reflection: I think I did good at saying what goals I wanted to get better at it.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Reaction test

Statistics:  Stem and Leaf Graph

WALT: gather, display and discuss data

Success Criteria:  

  • Gather relevant information

  • Display data on a stem and leaf graph

  • Make some conclusions about the data


To present information about reaction times using a ruler.


Stem and Leaf Graph

Sorted stem and leaf graph


My highest score is 30+ 

my buddy's highest score is 30+


Self Assessment:

  • I can gather relevant information

  • I can display data on a stem and leaf graph

  • I can make some conclusions about the data

Peer Assessment:

  • I can gather relevant information

  • I can display data on a stem and leaf graph

  • I can make some conclusions about the data

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Chiddlewaddle diddle waddle doo

Die die with your fathers tie 
Scrum scrum with your uncles crumb
Bite bite with a yellow kite
Chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle doo

Bat bat with your aunties cat
Run run with a hamburger bun
Sit sit on a baseball MIT
Chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle doo

Lie lie to a sales guy 
Poke poke your sisters folk
Rip rip your bacon strip
Chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle doo

Smell smell a snails shell
Walk walk on a piece of chalk
Cry cry with a swollen eye

Chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle 
Chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle 
Chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle doo

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

100 word challenge

This is a 100 word challenge that you have to figure the out the 100 word is wizards and my name costs 72 dollars.

Buddy time

This is a pic collage that me and my buddy did together.

This is some goals that we did about the poster.

Measles articall

Nearly 40 people in Auckland have recently been diagnosed with the infectious measles disease.
Westlake Boys High School on Aucklands North Shore is one of the hardest hit communities with 20 ill students. 
Several other Westlake Boys High pupils who have not been immunised against measles have been asked to stay away for the next two weeks.
Measles is a very serious disease that is highly contagious and can spread through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. 
The symptoms include fever, a cough, sore eyes and a rash. There is no treatment, and complications can be severe.
The Auckland Health Service has estimated that around 750 people are at immediate risk of catching the highly contagious disease.
Dr. Julia Peters said the Health Service had been working with the North Shore school for just over a week when the first case of measles was found there.
"This is definitely more than what we'd normally see. We're working hard to contain the measles within the Auckland region."
Dr. Peters said many people who had come down with the disease had recently been overseas and, in particular, in the Philippines.
The public health service has sent information to parents and students at Westlake Boys High and asked that those students who are not sure whether they have been immunised against measles to stay away.
"What we're trying to do is isolate those students as well as those who have measles, because students who are not immunised can get sick," she said.
Another seven cases of measles in Auckland are being investigated - three of them from the same school.
What to watch for Symptoms
* High fever.
* Runny nose, cough, red eyes.
* Small white spots inside mouth.
* Red, blotchy rash on face and neck and later over entire body.

WALT: Analysing an article
Task: Answer questions based on a Newspaper Article.
Success Criteria:
Show critical thinking in your answers.
Answer questions in full sentences.
Use correct spelling and punctuation.

1) How do people contract measles people get measles people get measles because they went to the Philippines.

2) Why do you think so many students at Westlake High School have contracted measles some people haven't had the injection and people don't know if they have measles or not.

3) What is the Auckland Health Services main role in this measles outbreak trying to not spread measles in Auckland at Westland high school.

4) In the article Dr. Peters said “many people who had come down with the disease had recently been overseas and, in particular, in the Philippines.” Why do you think this is sometimes countries can have the same the case an lines as another country.

5) In your opinion what would be the best way to avoid getting measles? By letting the people who have measles and who don't have injection go home.

Use the following criteria to assess yourself and your peer
Show critical thinking in your answers.
Answer questions in full sentences.
Use correct spelling and punctuation.

Self Assessment:



* * *

Peer comment