Sunday, 1 April 2012

WALT: write a recount

In writing we are always trying to be Careful writers and Thoughtful writers.
(For more information see writing page on this blog)

Our specific writing focus for today is...

WALT: include lots of details
SC: include information like...
who, where, when, and what

2.4.12 In the weekend me and George went to my granmas and grandads because they live buy the air show. we went on  the moter bike to go to a patic to watch the and George played in the patic it was lots of  fun.

Ebony says: This is a good first draft with lots of information about who was in the story, where, when and what happened. I wonder what it was like to see he Jets? Were they so loud they made the ground rumble? It would be good to use the highlighter strategy to show the parts you did well and the parts you would like to improve.

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