Sunday, 2 December 2012


In the weekend I went to Thomas's birthday he had it at action sport. We played soccer I like soccer because I kick the ball hard. it is so fun. I next we played tails how to play tails you need a tail. And next you you pick two taggers.The two taggers have to rip the tails. Next we played hockey they saved the best to last. I love!!! hockey because you can hit the ball hard and maybe  if you are lucky you mite get a goal the end.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

the esplanade

In the weekend me and my dad and my sister went to the esplanade. Me  and my sister First went   on the hole that spins around.We had a lot of fun. once I fell offer and it hart only a little bit. We were going very fast. it was really awesome. Then me and my sister went on the swing me and my sister like going on the swing Me and my sister like going on the swings. We had a lot of fun. I did not want to go when we had to go. it was awesome!!! when we went to the park.

Monday, 17 September 2012

word power

guess what: I reached my goal now I am on the computer.

what: I have done a word power test.

so what: I learnt more words then last time.

now what: Now I whent to get onehundred.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

word power

cooper it fit kit lit at slap fat cat rat lap cap soap like bike book look sook looking cool awesome comic life comic photo photos pass fresh up on zoo zoom zooming be been bee Jett kid craft folder fold screen shoot colors he she me go and do it now out Zara to too two the shop today I buy mad had glad sad fish mum seen mean red green santa catch one three there going eat am  fat

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

little cloud art

what: I made some art of little cloud by Eric carle.
so what: I learnt how to sdand up and pant and I learnt how to make texture.
now what: I whant to improve to stand up when I pant.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Final Thoughts

this is my to stars and a wish do you like it.

Ebony says: You can be proud of your efforts this term Cooper. You have good management of your learning and especially of your blog. It is great to see you share your ideas in reading especially with new concepts and words. I look forward to seeing your continued success next term!

grasshopper tennis movies

what: I have been hitting the ball in the air.
so what: I learnt how to hit a ball in the air.
now what: I want to inprove keep my racket flat

blockers and drivers

word power graph

This is my word power. I like it because I got a lot good.

Ebony says: This shows great progress Cooper, well done. I think you may have forgotten to flip your photo but I can see that your graph is going up!

Monday, 18 June 2012

3 key word comic life

This is my 3 key word comic life I like it.

What: We made a comic life using three keywords from a book from our bookbox.
So what: I learned what a keyword is
Now What: I would put my name on it next time.

3 keyword comic life

This is my comic life. I think it is awesome.  I did my own pitcher on kid pix. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

comic life

This is my comic life i really like it because i added heaps of colour.  And i did my own pitcher on kid pix.  I like my crocodile.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

granmas and grandads

On the long weekend I went to my grandmas. I got to go on the farm with my uncle. I got to drive the moterbike.  We got up the cows so that my grandad and ancle  can milk them. we have to go slow because we were at the back of the cows. It was awesome with my uncle I cant wait so to go their agian it was so awesome.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Water Cycle

The water  in the clouds get to heavy then the clouds codint hold them then drops then the rain goes to the mountains. Then goes to the river.

where does the water come from?

the water comes from the sea lake and river. and goes up in the sky as vapaoer.
where does the water come from?

the water comes from the sea lake and river. and goes up in the sky as vapour.

keyword comic life

This is my comic life it is coold look out for your tail. I like because I added loots of daital. And loots of coluer. It is very cool.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Final Comment

Ebony's Comment:
The Digi-nauts have had a fantastic term full of many great experiences to start the year off well. Swimming Sports and Buddy Challenge Day were some highlights. Our focus this term has been around building positive relationships with others. This included how the children interacted in the classroom, and creating some rules as a class that would ensure we have a positive learning space.  Starting individual blogs has also been a big part of learning about themselves as learners. Following instructions and self management has been really important to create a successful blog or e-portfolio.  You might ask your child how well they think they did with this. All the children can be proud of the persistence shown with this and support they have given one another to post, upload photos and embed codes. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.

Cooper you are great at following instructions and managing your learning independently. You can be proud of how you help others to achieve their goals by offering help as well. It is good to see how you do your best in every task. Keep it up Cooper!

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Title: Art Purpose: To create a self portrait WALT: use paint and colour effectively SC: hold the fat part of the brush, paint on the tip of the brush, hold brush upright mix colours to make matching colours to our face use fat or skinny brush strokes to create each part of our face

Ebony says: You worked hard at improving your ears Cooper and you did a great job. I also liked how you used small light brush strokes for the smaller features of your face.

Word power

We do wordpower to practice writing easy words quickly. This helps us when we are story writing as we can spend more time sounding out new words. WALT: write as many words as we can in ten minutes.
What: word power. So what:I learnt to write more words faster. What next: I want to get better at writing more words faster by practising a lot.

 Ebony says: Looks like you are making steady progress Cooper. Do you think you are ready to practice typing words for wordpower?

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

catch me if you can with shar

Each week Shar teaches us how to pass and catch a ball and also how to land and move appropriately.

WALT: Catch a ball

I know we can do this when I:
You make a cup then if it dasint go
where you whant it to go you can
move youer hands. when it comes
in to youer hands shut them.

Ebony says: You are good at catching a ball Cooper. I can tell by your Success Criteria that you know what to do. I wonder what the rest of your body does to catch a ball?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

We do wordpower to practice writing easy words quickly. This helps us when we are story writing as we can spend more time sounding out new words.

WALT: write as many words as we can in ten minutes.

What: I have been learning to add.
So what: I have learnt maths very good.
What Next: Type faster on the computer.

Weekly reflection

I have been learning. I have learnt maths very good. Tip faster on the computer.

WALT: write a recount

In writing we are always trying to be Careful writers and Thoughtful writers.
(For more information see writing page on this blog)

Our specific writing focus for today is...

WALT: include lots of details
SC: include information like...
who, where, when, and what

2.4.12 In the weekend me and George went to my granmas and grandads because they live buy the air show. we went on  the moter bike to go to a patic to watch the and George played in the patic it was lots of  fun.

Ebony says: This is a good first draft with lots of information about who was in the story, where, when and what happened. I wonder what it was like to see he Jets? Were they so loud they made the ground rumble? It would be good to use the highlighter strategy to show the parts you did well and the parts you would like to improve.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Reading Word Cloud

WALT: summarize information from what we read.

Success Criteria:
From a story, we can talk about
who is in it
where and when it happened
what happened and why

I read....


This is a word cloud using showing the information I found out.

Ebony says: You have done a good job for your first attempt at word clouds Cooper. You have found some important keywords here. I wonder what information you would add to summarize the story more? You may want to record the title as it would be helpful to find the book again.

Monday, 19 March 2012

positive relationships

WALT: get along with others

Ebony says: You worked really well with your buddies Cooper. I can tell you had a lot to contribute and you can be proud of your poster as it is very easy to read about you all.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

weekly refletion

I have put my blog pet on my blog. I have been learning to put staf on the side. Tiping on the computer faster.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

my weemee

This is my weemee. I think it is awesome.